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Rêves de mer

by Eliza Moore

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Eliza Moore’s sound is healing and uplifting. Timeless and ethereal qualities mingle with playful, rhythmic elements throughout her eclectic body of work. As a hybrid musician, composer, DJ, and lover of movement, Eliza’s passion for spontaneous expression and live performance have made her a sought-after artist at renowned yoga and dance events and music festivals.  

Currently Eliza lives in Montreal where she just finished a collaboration with Stephane Carreau (Bet.e and Stef) on her album “Rêves de mer”.

When she isn’t in the studio, Eliza can be found guiding children, creatives and corporate executives in mindfulness techniques, cruising on her bike along the St Lawrence with her family or inventing a new stew in her crock pot. She aspires to compose music for feature films or series one day.





Rebecca Campbell, Eliza Moore’s “music is absolutely beautiful. A true gift indeed. Mystical and so feminine.”

Krista Tippett, On Being: "Lovely, beautiful, [she] has blessed me and many"

Jennifer Heyde, (Harper's BAZAR, Vogue, Marie Claire) "Nostalgic. I feel like it’s what Thomas Hardy would have commissioned for a score for any one of his books.”

Marie Claire, Music Spotlight: "Eliza Moore is the type of artist that reminds the rest of us that we can barely hum"

Artist Direct:  "Her voice is positively angelic"

The Boston Globe: "Stately presence and crystalline delivery"

The Times Argus:  "A sound that is at once warm and haunting"

Portland Press Herald: "Lovely strong voice".

The Aquarian Weekly: "That rare look into the artist's soul a way that is neither forced nor artificial. In a word: Righteous"


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